Close encounters of the goat kind

Hi! My name is Kelley Cote and I’ve been passionate about the environment for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was my parent’s only letting me watch Animal Planet or my crush on Steve Irwin, but either way, I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world and humans impact on it. However, as I got older, sometimes the more I learned the more disheartened I became about planet and the toll humanity is taking on it. It became easy to start to feel that my actions did not make a difference and that any effort I was putting into reducing my own footprint was pointless. On top of that, it seemed like everyday there was a new “right way” to go green. Do I need to be a vegan to support the environment? What if I don’t always buy “All Natural”? What the f*** do you mean “organic” isn’t actually “organic”?

As more time went by I realized I was worrying more and more about the environment and doing less and less to make any changes. So I decided to break down my journey into simple changes to start reducing my impact. The Simple Planet blog is a place to record my experiences and hopefully give others a tool to kick start their own ‘green’ journey.

I’m so excited you found your way to the Simple Planet and hope you find it helpful on your own journey!

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

– Robert Collier