Shopping: Amazon Smile

Long story short, shopping on Amazon isn’t necessarily the most environmentally friendly choice. That being said, Amazon has permeated most American’s lives in some way or another. Rather than avoid the subject, how can you shop smarter even if you’re shopping at Amazon?

Introducing Amazon Smile is the exact same thing as Amazon, but a portion of your purchases go to charity! And even better than that, a charity of your choice.

Now, not all purchases are eligible. But by making Amazon Smile your default when purchasing on Amazon, you can start tracking you contributions and make sure those purchases that are eligible start doing some good.

I selected The Nature Conservancy as my charity of choice. As of this September, the Nature Conservancy has received $4,335,966.13 from Amazon Smile purchase. Collectively, Amazon Smile has generated $215,721,458.97 to charities worldwide since its generation.

Keep in mind, this is a great way to support charities during you day to day, but it’s not a replacement for other volunteering, donations, and charitable works! For more information about Amazon Smile and how to use it for your own charity see here.

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