“It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Kermit may have had it right. It’s not easy being green. There are lots of different ways to start reducing your footprint and, long story short, you’re never going to be perfect. I know, I was shocked too. *insert stunning hair flip*

For my own journey, I wanted to start with the easiest changes first and build on it. For me, that meant finding products I could easily swap with an eco-friendly alternative. Now, you might be thinking “No shit Sherlock”, if it’s that easy, anyone would do it.

But I really think some swaps are that easy.

My goal is to make a weekly change starting as simple as possible. Each week I’ll be posting my change with a rating of how easy the swap was and where you can find the same products.

And remember, it’s okay if there are products you’re not willing to part with (I’m looking at you Fenty Cream Bronzer). What’s key is to set a goal to keep yourself honest. Maybe you want to try to follow half the weekly challenges. Maybe you just want to get more informed. Whatever you’re looking to do, I hope “The Simple Planet” can help.