Reaching Out: Zero-Waste Handwashing

During these times, it’s more important than to wash your hands. Bar soap has always been a great sustainable option and I think that’s fairly common knowledge.

But, what if you’re someone who really loves liquid soap?

Luckily, there are now several companies making great liquid soap, delivered quickly to your door! Both Clean Cult and Blue Land have developed fantastic, liquid hand soaps with custom containers.

Option 1: Clean Cult has developed a great sustainable soap with easy-to-use refill process. Their soap newly container is a glass bottle with pump head. However, what really makes this container special is the rubber base. This helps keep the bottle shatter and slip proof, which I love. Clean Cult has been working to continuously improve their packaging, recently launching a new plant based plastic lid. Although, I’ve really enjoyed their product, I did experience a split container from shipping one time.

Option 2: Blue Land is a chic option for sustainable soap. I love their sleek, glass containers, although no rubber base for extra safety. Where I really think Blue Land has the leg up on Clean Cult though is in their refill process. Blue Land uses tablets stored in a compostable packet for safe transport, no spill issues! Also, when combined with water, these tablets form a fun, foaming soap. The clean transport and foam soap make Blue Land the winner for me!

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