Pearly Whites (continued!): Toothpaste

Last week, we learned about an easy floss update. This week, we’re building on our dental hygiene routine with the far more intimidating toothpaste swap. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, this is NOT an easy swap. Lots of people are particular about their toothpaste before even considering its environmental impact. However, for those willing to take the plunge, here are some of my experiences.

Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste: If you’re looking to swap to an eco toothpaste, this has been my favorite. I’ve been using Uncle Harry’s for almost a year now and my dentist actually said my teeth looked less stained than before. This toothpaste comes in either a 3 oz glass jar or a 1.5 lb option for those looking to buy in bulk. I love Uncle Harry’s now, but I’ll be honest, there was an adjustment period.

This toothpaste looks like a grey mud and tastes SUPER salty. I personally like the peppermint flavor, but the cinnamon wasn’t bad either. After about two weeks of using this toothpaste I felt like I had adjusted and wasn’t missing my old toothpaste at all.

BONUS: My sister has super sensitive teeth, but after some initial trepidation says that Uncle Harry’s feel great on her teeth!

Peppermint Toothpaste (3 oz glass jar)
The clear winner

Another option are toothpaste tablets. Personally, these weren’t for me. I hated the flavor and never got used to chewing the tablet before brushing my teeth. That being said, it is a lot less salty than Uncle Harry’s, so might be worth a try depending on your preference.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more traditional, Tom’s has recently released a recyclable toothpaste tube. However, to quote the Tom’s website, their team is still working to turn “recyclable into recycled”. Long story short, although lots of products are recyclable, many recycling facilities aren’t actually set up to process these products and they still end up in the landfill. Nevertheless, it’s a huge step in the right direction and I really love the company’s honest review about the product and the on-going process on an imperfect product.

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